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Greetings! I’m Joel J. Miller, and I’ve been a professional editor and writer for more than twenty years now. Today I’m the chief product officer of Full Focus, overseeing a crack team of writers, editors, coaches, and producers. We create books, podcasts, courses, coaching content, and the wonderful Full Focus Planner. Before that I served as vice president of editorial and acquisitions for Thomas Nelson Publishers, an imprint of HarperCollins.

I read a lot. But I retain less than I like, especially when it comes to audiobooks. With paper, I read with a pen in hand but have in the past rarely consolidated my notes or thoughts after the fact. Along with that situation, I’ve had requests from friends and others to share more of what I’m reading.

And so here we are. Miller’s Book Review 📚 represents a personal challenge to retain more of what I read and a chance to share my discoveries. How? By writing a review of most every book I finish in 2022.

I’ll write a new review each week, more or less. The finished product will ride an electron rollercoaster directly to your inbox. I’ll also share occasional essays on books, book history, and the impact of books on our lives. This is a personal passion of mine, and I’m working on a larger project about this subject, so this is a chance to share bits and pieces of that.

I can’t promise reading this newsletter will make you taller or better looking, but if you subscribe I’ll shoot you an email with ten of my favorite quotes about books and reading. Dropping any one of those in casual conversation could very possibly make you a hit at parties.

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